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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Wonders of Plastic Cosmetic surgery

Middle-aged white-collar can be 10 years older than their actual age.

Recently, the Chinese Medical Association and other organizations issued a "White Paper on China's urban population health," the survey covered 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The 513,000 copies of valid questionnaires is China's largest "big city health investigation" over the years. The survey showed that the proportion of the mainstream city's white-collar workers’ sub-health is up to 76%, those in a fatigue state is close to six per cent, and the real sense of the word "healthy person" is less than 3%. Among the 35-50-year-old high-income groups, the "bio - age "over-age trend is clearly accelerating, with an average of more than" calendar age "10 years.
The results of the survey  on the sources of stress showed that housing, parental health, marriage and children's education to become white-collar’s four sources of stress. Buying a house became the first pressure of those surveyed and which is up to 46%, becoming the number one source of stress. Parents’ health issues became the second largest source of pressure for white-collar workers, which is up to 38%, and the stay home "empty nest parents" are not taken care of become "white-collar immigrants" heart pain. In addition, the greater the pressure the greater the city is. The survey of lifestyle showed that from diet, sleep, exercise, and various aspects of psychological, nearly 80 per cent of of white-collar workers have irregular eating and sleep, feeling more tired every day. 23.7% of those surveyed white-collar’s breakfast is very random; 20.7% go out to eat fast food regularly, with no guarantee of the normal intake of fruits and vegetables; 54.4% feel that they do not sleep enough every day, in addition 32.4% have poor quality of sleep; 46% have occasional movement time.
"In fact, what we call aging is defined as a downward spiral of physical function and mental health status. These changes mostly take place quietly in the body, the appearance may not come to see." The Ministry of Health's chief health education experts Professor Jau-ray said. The survey also shows that what lead to white-collar "premature senility" are two major categories of reasons: First, metabolic abnormalities, which is closely related to improving of living standards. These "rich man's disease" do not come alone, if not timely intervened  it will develop into diabetes, cardiovascular and cardiovascular diseases and other diseases, and become the backstage manipulator of "elite sudden death". Second, chronic fatigue, insomnia, psychological barriers, etc. the formation of such diseases is related to many factors, in addition to tension, stress, such as regular overtime, long time to surf the Internet, socializing too much, poor diet, irregular work and rest, lack of physical exercise and family do not harmony, mental depression are all important factors.
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